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Learn French by Podcast is an exciting series of French lessons for everybody. Work with high-quality audio podcasts in your own time and at your own pace. Want to clarify some details? Something you couldn't quite understand? Then download comprehensive with transcripts, details grammatical explanations, cultural points of interest, and more.
Hello from Learn French by Podcast. This is a special announcement regarding our audio French lessons and accompanying Lesson Guides. Those of you who have been following our lessons since we started in June 2006 will be aware that both our podcasts and our Lesson Guides have been free until now. However, we have reached a stage where we must start charging a small fee to help us continue creating high-quality French lessons. If you wish to continue following our podcasts, you will still be able to do so for free. However, our PDF Lesson Guides will now require a paid registration via our website. We have done our best to keep this membership fee as low as possible while allowing us to cover the costs of maintaining our site and the quality of our lessons which take us a great deal of time to prepare. We hope that you will continue to improve your French with our lessons. Please visit our website at www.learnfrenchbypodcast.com and consider becoming a member. Thank you for listening.
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