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We'll deal with a common scenario in this lesson: we've lost our keys. We'll learn how to say we can't find them and where to look for them. We'll also meet the expression 'jeter un coup d'oeil'. Let's get started.

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'annuler', 'reporter' and 'modifier' are three verbs we'll meet in this lesson, as well as the expression 'C'est (vraiment) pas de chance!' In this lesson, lesson 38, we'll be examining the vocabulary we would need in order to cancel or postpone a meeting.

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We sometimes find ourselves in a position where we need to borrow money from someone. In this lesson - lesson 37 - let's find out how to do just that. We'll meet the verbs 'prêter', 'rembourser' and 'embêter', as well as other useful expressions. Let's get started.

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Some people choose to pay their mobile phone bills by monthly standing order. Many others, however, simply choose a pay-as-you-go option, buying credit whenever necessary. In this lesson, let's see what vocabulary we'll need in order to purchase that phone credit.

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Putting on weight is a topic we'd sometimes prefer not to think about but that's the topic of conversation in this lesson, lesson 35. We'll meet the verbs "grossir" (to put on weight) and "voir" (to see) in the Past, as well as the expression "être à deux doigts de faire quelque chose" (to be on the verge of doing something). Allons-y!

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We often pass comment on fragrances - food, perfume, flowers, nature, and so on. Let's study, in this short lesson, some expressions which will allows us to do that. We'll meet the verbs "sentir" and "mettre", in particular. We'll also see how to say that something smells quite strong.

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Whether we like it or not, our modern lives are ruled by the clock. Let's study one of the basics in this lesson: how to tell the time. We'll also meet the expressions: "I'm going to be late!", "I'm going to be early!" and "I'm going to be on time!"

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In this lesson, lesson 32, we'll be talking about Amélie's new colleague at work. Let's see what his responsibilities are and discover a little about his linguistic abilities. We'll meet the verbs "s'occuper de" and "apprendre" as well as the expression "avoir l'air de".

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Let's listen to Xavier tell us a little about his home town in this lesson. We'll work with a number of useful expressions which could be used in a wide variety of situations. We'll discover the verb 'appartenir à', the expression 'à la rigueur', as well as the prepositions 'loin de' and 'près de'.

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In this lesson, we'll be talking briefly about wine, and the kinds of food we might eat with the various types of wines. We'll meet some useful vocabulary and expressions related to food, too. It's an intermediate lesson because there's quite an amount of new vocabulary. Let's get started!

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In this lesson, lesson 29, we'll find out how to say "It's been a while!" or "It's been a long time!" We'll also see how to ask what someone's been up to recently.

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In this lesson, we'll be dealing with some internet-related vocabulary. We'll meet some other useful expressions, too, including "I don't want to complicate my life!", "I'm not promising anything" and "It would be good if..." This last expression will require the subjunctive. Let's see how that will work...

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In this lesson, we're talking about someone's new hairstyle. We'll discover some "technical" terms in relation to hairstyling, we'll look at two different uses for "chez", and we'll see how to say we're "bored by" or "fed up with" something. Allons-y!

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In this lesson, our goal is to find out how to ask someone to do a favour for us. We'll meet the expression "rendre un service à quelqu'un". We'll also re-visit the expression "il y a" but in the Immediate Future form. Finally, we'll study how to deal with the English verb "to get".

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Hello from Learn French by Podcast. This is a special announcement regarding our audio French lessons and accompanying Lesson Guides. Those of you who have been following our lessons since we started in June 2006 will be aware that both our podcasts and our Lesson Guides have been free until now. However, we have reached a stage where we must start charging a small fee to help us continue creating high-quality French lessons. If you wish to continue following our podcasts, you will still be able to do so for free. However, our PDF Lesson Guides will now require a paid registration via our website. We have done our best to keep this membership fee as low as possible while allowing us to cover the costs of maintaining our site and the quality of our lessons which take us a great deal of time to prepare. We hope that you will continue to improve your French with our lessons. Please visit our website at www.learnfrenchbypodcast.com and consider becoming a member. Thank you for listening.
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You're in a restaurant, looking forward to your meal. That menu, however, is a little confusing: what about all those ingredients... and the names of those dishes! How can we make sense of it? We'll need to know how to ask some key questions. Let's find out...

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It's a situation we find ourselves in regularly. We're in a bar or an auditorium looking for a seat. But... is the one we have our eye on actually free? How should we ask? Let's find out in this short, but practical, lesson.

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In this lesson we'll discover how to postpone an appointment we've made. We'll study the expression "Je ne vais pas pouvoir ... [+ infinitive]" and we'll work with the verb "décevoir", to disappoint (someone).

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In the second part of this two-part episode we'll meet the verb "profiter (de)", we'll use the verb "devoir" to say things like "It must have been [difficult, shocking, fantastic]" and we'll revise the verb "prendre" in the Perfect tense, in relation to food.

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You're just back from a fantastic vacation. The first question you'll be asked, of course, is "How did it go?" There's so much to talk about: the weather, the food, the people, the location. Let's try out some of the vocabulary you're likely to need. (This is part 1 of a 2-part lesson.)

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A trip abroad can often lead to some unexpected physical condition - an upset stomach, itching from insect bites, blistered feet, or whatever. That, in turn, can lead us to the local pharmacy. But, what do we say when we get there? Let's find out.

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"My cell phone isn't working. I'd like to have it repaired, please..." In this lesson, we'll find out what to say if we need to have something repaired. First, we'll describe the problem. Then we'll see how long it will take to sort everything out.

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In this lesson, let's find out how to buy a train ticket. The vocabulary we'll meet will be just as useful when purchasing inter-city bus tickets, plane tickets, and so on. Let's see, also, how to say we'd prefer a window or aisle seat, or travel in the smoking or non-smoking section. Allons-y!

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You make a phone call, but the person you're looking for isn't there. Should you leave a message? Or maybe that's not necessary - you'll call back later. Let's see, in this lesson, how the conversation might unravel.

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People are usually very accommodating when we wish to take a photograph with them in it. But it's often advisable to ask first. Let's see how to do that in this lesson. We'll also see how to have them take our picture, using our camera.

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If you've been in France or another French-speaking country, chances are that you've found yourself in a shop asking for something in French. But how do we say "I'll have that one... no, sorry... the one on the right..."? In this lesson, let's learn some of these essential expressions.

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Whether you're an avid creator of wonderful, four-course dishes or incapable of boiling an egg, in this lesson you'll find a range of vocabulary which will take a meal through from preparation to completion. Don't worry - Amélie will tell us what to do!

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You're on a vacation in France but, unfortunately, you develop an earache while you're there. There's nothing for it but a visit to the doctor. But how will you explain the problem? Furthermore, will you be able to understand what the doctor is saying to you? Let's find out.

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Type the word "hangover" into Google and it will return millions of hits. Remedies, cures, avoidance strategies, explanations - someone out there has all the answers. We can't pretend to have the ultimate cure, but we can, on the other hand, provide some vocabulary to discuss that unpleasant feeling in French.

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Wherever we are, whatever we're doing, the weather seems to have an effect on our general state of mind. In this lesson, we'll meet some expressions which will provide the basics, whether it's a beautiful day or raining cats and dogs.

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Learn how to talk about a movie you saw last night - what it was about, where it was filmed, some adjectives to describe the plot, the way in which it was filmed - it's all in this lesson. If you haven't seen a particular movie, study the questions you'll need to put to someone who has.

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You watched a match on TV last night with friends. Everybody is talking about it today. Your team played well and deserved their victory. But how do we talk about it all in French? Let's learn how to describe last night's atmosphere as well as some sports-specific vocabulary.

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How do we propose going to the cinema, or the theatre? Or choosing between Thai or Chinese food? For that matter, how do we say "I don't mind - that's up to you!" Let's find the answers and learn a few colloquial expressions, too.

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In our previous lessons, we've confined ourselves mainly to the Present tense. But how do we talk about what we'll be doing next week, or for our summer vacation? We'll find out in this lesson.

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In French, there are many ways of discussing the things that interest us. In this lesson, we'll meet a variety of verbs which will allow us to do that. We'll also look at "faire", a key verb in a wide range of activities.

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Whether you're opening a bank account, or sending something by registered mail, chances are that someone is going to ask you to spell your name, your address, or whatever. But, how do you do that in French?! Let's find out.

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Martin arrives in Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris. His luggage doesn't, however! Can you follow the directions he receives? Learn about the verb DEVOIR, the pronoun Y, talking about things in the past, and more. It's all in this lesson.

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Learn how to say where and for whom you work. Discuss colleagues. Discover some French acronyms, as well as the adverbs "bien" and "mal". See how to use the verb "pouvoir"; in a variety of situations. Are the French hard workers? Find out now.

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In this lesson, learn how to say you get on well with someone. Speak about things in general and talk about playing musical instruments. Learn about adjectives ending in "-if", as well as the key verb "avoir".

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Welcome to Learn French by Podcast! In this first lesson, learn how to introduce yourself, saying where you live and what you do. Learn some new verbs. Then take a test to see how well you are doing.

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