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Learn French by Podcast is an exciting series of French lessons for everybody. Work with high-quality audio podcasts in your own time and at your own pace. Want to clarify some details? Something you couldn't quite understand? Then download comprehensive with transcripts, details grammatical explanations, cultural points of interest, and more.

People are usually very accommodating when we wish to take a photograph with them in it. But it's often advisable to ask first. Let's see how to do that in this lesson. We'll also see how to have them take our picture, using our camera.

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If you've been in France or another French-speaking country, chances are that you've found yourself in a shop asking for something in French. But how do we say "I'll have that one... no, sorry... the one on the right..."? In this lesson, let's learn some of these essential expressions.

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Whether you're an avid creator of wonderful, four-course dishes or incapable of boiling an egg, in this lesson you'll find a range of vocabulary which will take a meal through from preparation to completion. Don't worry - Amélie will tell us what to do!

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You're on a vacation in France but, unfortunately, you develop an earache while you're there. There's nothing for it but a visit to the doctor. But how will you explain the problem? Furthermore, will you be able to understand what the doctor is saying to you? Let's find out.

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Type the word "hangover" into Google and it will return millions of hits. Remedies, cures, avoidance strategies, explanations - someone out there has all the answers. We can't pretend to have the ultimate cure, but we can, on the other hand, provide some vocabulary to discuss that unpleasant feeling in French.

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Wherever we are, whatever we're doing, the weather seems to have an effect on our general state of mind. In this lesson, we'll meet some expressions which will provide the basics, whether it's a beautiful day or raining cats and dogs.

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Learn how to talk about a movie you saw last night - what it was about, where it was filmed, some adjectives to describe the plot, the way in which it was filmed - it's all in this lesson. If you haven't seen a particular movie, study the questions you'll need to put to someone who has.

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You watched a match on TV last night with friends. Everybody is talking about it today. Your team played well and deserved their victory. But how do we talk about it all in French? Let's learn how to describe last night's atmosphere as well as some sports-specific vocabulary.

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