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A trip abroad can often lead to some unexpected physical condition - an upset stomach, itching from insect bites, blistered feet, or whatever. That, in turn, can lead us to the local pharmacy. But, what do we say when we get there? Let's find out.

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"My cell phone isn't working. I'd like to have it repaired, please..." In this lesson, we'll find out what to say if we need to have something repaired. First, we'll describe the problem. Then we'll see how long it will take to sort everything out.

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In this lesson, let's find out how to buy a train ticket. The vocabulary we'll meet will be just as useful when purchasing inter-city bus tickets, plane tickets, and so on. Let's see, also, how to say we'd prefer a window or aisle seat, or travel in the smoking or non-smoking section. Allons-y!

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You make a phone call, but the person you're looking for isn't there. Should you leave a message? Or maybe that's not necessary - you'll call back later. Let's see, in this lesson, how the conversation might unravel.

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