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A hotel guest makes contact with the front desk in relation to a problem in his room. We'll discover how to say 'I can't get it to work'. We'll also practice using several verbs, including 'se mettre en marche', 'appuyer' and 'arriver à'. We meet a noun, too, which can either refer to a technical fault - or a flaw in one's character.

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We'll learn how to carry out a common task in this lesson - to book a hotel room. We'll see how to ask the receptionist how we should pay, if we can have our luggage taken up to our room, if we can be called early for breakfast, and more.

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With the presidential elections in France just around the corner, it’s time to learn some vocabulary related to politics and voting, in general. That will be the topic of this lesson. We'll learn how to say 'I'm exhausted!' and 'They really get my back up!' We'll also meet several useful verbs. Allons-y!

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In lessons 21 and 22 we spoke about a vacation we’d had. This time, in lesson 46, we’ll hear about a winter vacation and, with the World Ski Championships taking place at the moment, it's an opportune time to learn a few key terms related to skiing. We'll also see how to use the verbs 'adorer', 'partir' and 's'inscrire (à)'.

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In this lesson, lesson 45, a father brings his son to playschool for the first time. Let's hear the conversation between Mr. Jones and the playschool teacher. We'll meet the expressions ‘Je vais faire en sorte que’ and ‘jusqu'à ce que’, both of which require that the verb which follows be in the subjunctive form.

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